The Infectious Bettie Page


Bettie Page is the most famous and admired American pin-up model of the 1950’s. She appeared in countless men’s magazines (including Playboy), mail order photos, ads, paperback and album covers, and a few films and TV shows until 1957, when she withdrew from public life and seemed to vanish.

Because of her killer curves, sweet smile, sparkling eyes, and unique, black-banged hairstyle (as well as a penchant for nudity and involvement in controversial bondage photos), her legend grew over the following decades. Images of Bettie have inspired artists, designers, writers, bdsm enthusiasts, and the public at large; some have even credited her with launching the sexual revolution. While that may be an overstatement, her seamless combination of girl-next-door freshness and dangerous sensuality did influence many and has led to a thriving fandom today.

In 1992, after decades of mystery, it was finally revealed that Bettie is still alive and had just been living a private life since her “disappearance.” Today she enjoys the new Bettie fandom and gives occasional interviews, but refuses to be photographed, wishing people to remember her as she was in the 1950’s.

 This blog is just an attempt to let you know (if you land on this page) who Bettie Page is….


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