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From an interesting article… “In the early 1980s, comic book talent Dave Stevens based the female love interest of his hero Cliff Secord, alias “The Rocketeer”, on Page. In 1987, Greg Theakston started a fanzine called The Betty Pages and recounted tales of her life, in particular, the camera club days. For the next seven years the magazine sparked a world-wide interest in Page. Women dyed their hair and cut it into bangs in an attempt to emulate the Dark Angel. The media caught wind of the cult and numerous articles were written about her, more often than not with the help of Theakston.
Since almost all of her photos were in the public domain, dozens of people launched related products and cashed-in on the craze. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous did a piece on her, as did Entertainment Tonight. Bettie, who was living in a group home in Los Angeles was astounded when she saw the E.T. piece, having no idea that she had suddenly become famous again. Betty Pages’ editor, Greg Theakston contacted her and did an extensive interview with the diva in The Betty Pages Annuals V.2. Having nothing more to say on the topic, Theakston discontinued the publication. Shortly after, Page signed with a Chicago-based agent James Swanson. (Source)

As you know, Bettie Page was recently treated in the hospital for some medical problems. And, as every Bettie Page fan knows; Bettie is 84 years old, has very little money and no family.

If you would like to show you care, take the time to do a random act of kindness. Send her a “wishing you well” card. Although she is known to be a recluse and likes her privacy; there is also the fact that she is up in age and probably a little down about her health. I don’t feel a card to let her know she hasn’t been forgotten, would be too intrusive. Since the card will be sent though a business, it is not like she is being stalked.

The address I came across to Send letters of well wishes is:

Bettie Page
c/o CMG Worldwide
9229 West Sunset Boulevard
Suite 820
West Hollywood, CA 90069 USA
she will get them.”

I just read that Bettie Page was hospitalized Christmas week for pneumonia.

From Steve at

Dear Scouts, Your prayers are working. I just got a call from the hospital 3:58pm cst 12/27/07. Bettie does indeed have pneumonia but her condition is stabilized. Her care giver said this is very good news! They are giving her oxygen and treating her with antibiotics and even though she also has a kidney infection he is optimistic on her recovery. I’ll let you know as I hear more. Whatever you’re doing , keep it up! And Thanks to so very many of you for your calls and emails. Bettie forever…Scoutmaster Steve

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