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Girl with the perfect figure …

Posted on: December 22, 2006

Bettie PageFor those of you who don’t know, some Fast Facts:

Full name : Bettie Mae Page

Birth date : April 22, 1923

Born : Nashville, Tennessee

Height : 5 feet 5 1/2 inches

Weight :128

Marriages : Billy Neal (1943 – 1947), Armond Walterson (1958 – 1963) and Harry Lear (1967 – 1972)

Children : none

Hair color : black

Eye color : blue-gray

Measurements : 36-23-35

Education : Bachelor of Arts degree from Peabody College

Favorite actress : Bette Davis in Dark Victory

:: In 1955 she won the title “Miss Pin-up Girl of the World.”

:: In January 1955, she was the centerfold in Playboy’s January issue.

:: She was nicknamed the “Girl with the Perfect Figure.”


4 Responses to "Girl with the perfect figure …"

My name is Larry Lear, I lived w/ Bettie while she was married to my father Harry Lear (1967-1972). I have many memories of bettie that I would be happy to share. My father passed away 10/2011.
Larry Lear

My new address is was Bettie’s oldest stepchild (I was 12 – 17 y.o.). She remained with us another 4-years. My Father continued to love her and suppo
rt her as best he could, offering room and board, financial / emotional support, etc…

I am currently, as one of Betty’s last living relatives, actively researching for an informative and respectful book regarding her final (and missing) years.

One of the major impetuses is to set the record straight regarding Bettie’s life. Fosters Book is full of mis-information that Bettie pleaded with him not to fabricate (so he could make big big bucks). I will set the record straight! She exemplified an honest and unpretentious woman who simply did not lie about anything. She was ashamed of nothing (nor should she have been!

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